• Continuous masking and COVID-19 daily screening processes for our staff will remain in place. Masking will no longer be required for residents, family and visitors but everyone is highly encouraged to continue wearing them.
  • Sunnyside will continue to conduct indoor and outdoor visits as well as online or phone visits.

All visits must still be booked in advance through Recreation at 306-653-1267 ext. 140. All visits are Monday to Friday from 1:00 – 7:00pm and 1:00 – 4:00pm on weekends.

Visiting requirements are similar to before as follows:

  • Two metre physical distancing between the resident & the visitors.
  • Complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and temperature checks.
  • Sanitize your hands before & after the visit.
  • We recommend wearing a medical grade mask at all times that covers your chin, mouth and nose.
  • Inform us if there is more than four people visiting as special arrangements may need to be made.
  • No pets for inside visits. Physical distancing is still required for pets during outside visits.
  • Fully vaccinated people are not exempt from these visiting guidelines as there are documented cases of COVID-19, like the Delta Variant, among fully vaccinated people.
  • Besides the visiting room \ area, there will be no other access to Sunnyside including no access to a washroom.

Visits booked may be cancelled or rescheduled if the resident (or you) are feeling unwell or if there is an outbreak at Sunnyside; an online or phone visit can be booked as an option in this case. If you get sick up to ten days after visiting please call the nurse on duty at 306-654-1267 ext 124 to inform them of your illness.

We will continue to accept items for your loved one, either through the front door or on your visit. This means that items cannot be handed to your loved one at your visit.  Acceptable items are flowers from a florist, letters, photos, books, wrapped packages, clothing and food in wipeable containers.

Covid-19 is still present and the pandemic has not been declared over and vaccination does not eliminate the possibility of infection. Therefore, we are taking as many precautions as possible.