“Christ spent the largest part of His ministry in restoring the suffering and
afflicted to health – this is true ministry.” Medical Ministry (
page 240)

Caring for one another as Christ would


To be a home that supports Christian values and one another to live a meaningful and abundant life


  • People
    We build partnerships within our community, which includes our residents, staff, volunteers, their families, local area residents and other healthcare partners, recognizing their value and contribution in fulfilling our Mission. We engage people by meeting needs and building positive relationships, while being inclusive and respectful of our diversity.
  • Safety
    We commit to provide a safe environment for everyone through facility renewal, education and the following of safe work practices. We strive to continuously improve, with plans and actions to reduce workplace incidents or injuries affecting staff, and adverse events affecting our residents.
  • Integrity
    We practice stewardship by managing our resources in an ethical manner, treating employees fairly and recognizing the trust given us by our community. We learn from others and share our knowledge to creatively utilize and conserve our environment’s resources.
  • Innovation
    We strive towards excellence through servant leadership, community partnerships and innovation, working to achieve our full potential and inspiring others to do the same. We create opportunities for people to visit Sunnyside for resident activities, education, volunteering, special events, health needs and other services.
  • Wholeness
    We believe that every person should have the opportunity to live to their full potential, regardless of various hindrances in the human condition. We support people in our community to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle through education and awareness of our Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Occupational and Spiritual dimensions.

God heals – we help.