RE: COVID-19 – Update from Sunnyside


Dear Family & Friends of Sunnyside;

We continue to be well at Sunnyside with no sick residents or staff.

September was a relatively stable month without a lot of changes announced by the Sask Health Authority.

In the past month we made some internal changes such as:

  • We reopened the dining room for supper for one seating and increased the number of residents in the dining room for lunch and supper from 25 to 30 residents which is the maximum group size allowed. Two meter physical distancing is also required.
  • We started taking resident temperatures twice per day as required by the Health Authority.
  • We remain fully staffed, however, Certified Care Aides (CCA’s) are difficult to recruit right now. We may need to hire a couple of CCA’s over the winter so if you know anyone have them email their resume to  Foreign trained nurses may qualify as a CCA so can also apply.
  • We started inside visits in our classroom. We have asked the Health Authority to provide us with more flexible guidelines for inside visiting for the winter.  At the present time IF and only if, a family member has been designated for inside visits can they come inside.  A maximum of two family members can be designated for inside visits and only one family member can come inside at a time.  We will communicate further with you regarding inside visits as soon as we hear back from the Health Authority.
  • In the meantime, if your family has not designated two members for inside visits they should do so ASAP by calling our Recreation team at 306-653-1267 ext 140. For inside visits we will continue 7 days per week with the same times from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.  We will try to use the classroom for visits as much as possible as it is quieter, however, we have mandatory staff training to complete so the corner of the dining room will have to be used at times for visits.  Please see our “Sunnysider” newsletter for further details on inside visits.

We will continue to offer assistance with telephone calls, video visits and reading resident’s mail to them if assistance is needed.  Call our Recreation team to book time to assist with telephone calls or video visits.   Family and friends can also send us emails to deliver and read to their resident.  Emails can be sent to  Sending parcels by Canada Post is also an option.

We continue to accept gifts and other items for residents through our front door, where we can safely sanitize the items prior to residents receiving them. They cannot be handed directly to residents during a visit.  Acceptable items are flowers from a florist, letters, photos, books, wrapped packages, clothing, packaged food from a grocery store and takeout food from a restaurant.

If you live outside of Saskatchewan, but within Canada, you can still visit.  If you come from outside the country you have to self isolate for two weeks before you can visit.

“Re-open Saskatchewan” is almost complete, however, I am sure you are aware that new cases continue to pop up all across our province and country.  The Saskatchewan Health Authority is urging Saskatchewan residents to be more vigilant when it comes to following public health measures and personal safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Over the past month numerous public service announcements have been issued in various areas across the province.  This reminds us that COVID-19 is everywhere and has no boundaries.  We need to stay vigilant when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus.

At Sunnyside, we will continue to be careful and look for more ways to be safe.  The risk to our residents increases as society starts returning to normal activities so we have to remain on heightened awareness.  We are proactive in testing residents and staff for Covid-19 if they show any flu like symptoms.   We screen our staff at the beginning of each shift and residents are monitored continually for an extended list of new or worsening respiratory symptoms.

Please share the info in this memo with all your other family members or let them know they can keep updated with things at Sunnyside on our web page ( and our Facebook page (Sunnyside Adventist Care Centre). You should also keep updated via Saskatchewan’s website at:

We appreciate your support, patience and prayers and look forward to seeing you more often if restrictions are lifted.  If there is anything we can do for your loved one or for you, please let us know.  I am available at 306-653-1267 ext 123 or Our nursing staff are available 24 * 7 at ext 124.  All other departments are listed on our phone system when you call.

Take care,

Randy Kurtz