RE: COVID-19 – Update from Sunnyside

Dear Family & Friends of Sunnyside;

I am writing to let you know a staff member who last worked at Sunnyside seven days ago on November 20, has tested positive for Covid-19.  At the present time no other staff or residents are showing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

Sunnyside has been proactive in implementing infection control and screening protocols since the beginning of the pandemic.  The management and staff at Sunnyside are working closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Public Health officials to identify anyone who may have been exposed and is taking extra steps, including Covid-19 testing to protect the health of all residents and staff.

We do not have a Covid-19 outbreak at Sunnyside, however, outbreak control measures at the home have been implemented.  We will continue to work closely with public health authorities to take every precaution necessary to contain the virus, with the health and safety of our residents and staff remaining our top priority.  We remain fully staffed and have enough cleaning and personal protective supplies.

To check on how your loved one is doing, please call them if they have a telephone, you can call our Recreation team at 306-653-1267 ext. 140 to arrange a Face Time visit or call the nurses on duty at 306-653-1267 ext. 124.

We will continue with our outbreak control measures until the Medical Health Officer says it is OK to stop.  If anything changes regarding our current status I will send out an update.

We remain committed to supporting our residents as we face the challenges of this pandemic together.  I am proud of how the Sunnyside care partners have responded to this challenge.

Further more information contact: Randy Kurtz, Administrator at or 306-653-1267 ext. 123.  I check email and voice mail several times per day, seven days per week.

I will stay in touch, together we can get through this.

Randy Kurtz