RE: COVID-19 – Sunnyside’s Precautions as of March 19, 2020


  • We do not have any residents or staff that are ill with Covid-19.
  • Family members have been very understanding regarding the Chief Medical Officer’s orders not to visit.
  • There is a worldwide shortage of medical supplies. Surgical masks in particular.  Some items are on back order, some we receive partial shipments.  We continue to ask everyone to use only what we need.
  • Residents are not to leave Sunnyside except for approved medical appointments.
  • Extra Recreation staff added, Heather will be working to help alleviate resident boredom and loneliness.
  • Our UV light is being used daily to help kill viruses and bacteria. We have an extra CCA moving light from resident room to room during the day.  Our night nurse is doing washrooms, staff room, Rec room, dining room, etc.
  • Delivery people are being asked not to come into our building. Staff signing for packages or supplies are asked to  use our pen and not to touch hand held devices or screens.  Our Maintenance team is bringing our supplies into the building.
  • Service Technicians coming on-site only if needed. Maintenance will ensure their hands are sanitized.
  • We installed a hand sanitizer at our loading dock.
  • March 18 Saskatchewan declared a State of Emergency. See
  • VISITORS are not permitted in any Saskatchewan Health Authority operated hospitals, clinics, community and continuing care facilities, except for compassionate reasons. Compassionate reasons may include immediate family during end-of-life care, family of patients prior to a major surgery or visitors aiding in clinical care (at the discretion of the patient’s care provider).  These enhanced restrictions came into effect Monday, March 16, 2020 and are in place until further notice.  We acknowledge the importance of family support to both those who are healing within our hospitals and residents in long-term care homes. However, we are asking families and visitors for their cooperation in following these restrictions.  Under no circumstances should you visit if you have a respiratory, gastric or flu-like symptoms (common cold/ diarrhea/ vomiting), or if you have travelled outside of Saskatchewan in the past 14 days.
  • Our staff are being asked to practice Social distancing. IE:  avoid groups, wear clean laundry to work daily, use separate shoes for work, hand sanitize as soon as they enter Sunnyside, clean cell phone several times daily, sanitize desk and office daily, etc.
  • We hope Covid-19 never enters Sunnyside, however if it does we are taking the following steps now:
    • Updating our pandemic manual
    • If we have to isolate residents we could use the 33 private resident rooms that we have, our Recreation room, our classroom and the SDA school gym that is just two blocks away.
    • We have hired 5 additional CCA’s and will hire 2 – 3 more. No staff vacations are being approved except for urgent matters.



  • We will start some basic training \ refreshers for staff. IE:
    • Talk to Nurses about how CCA’s could help with a medication pass if we were short of nurses.
    • Personal Protective Equipment video refresher
    • Transfer, Lifting & Repositioning refresh for support staff so they could help as a second person on a lift
    • Meal time assist video for support staff so they could help with meals if needed.


  • Families can call Recreation to set up a time to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your loved one. Call Recreation at 306-653-1267 ext 140 to make an appointment.
  • We are looking after our staff to keep them healthy. Sunnyside’s staff are covered by a generous sick time policy and are covered by WCB should they contact Covid-19 at work.  They also have available to them an Employee Assistance Plan where they can talk to professional counselors confidentially and at no cost.

This memo will be posted on Sunnyside’s webpage, Facebook page, emailed to families contacts that we have email addresses for.  Family contact members should pass this message along to all their other family members.


Let’s all do our part implementing precautionary behaviours with high consistency now and over the long-term.


Sunnyside will continue to send updates as soon as information becomes available.  Please also use the Saskatchewan Government Website:  to keep updated.


If you have any questions please call our nurses desk at 306-653-1267 ext 124.



Randy Kurtz