RE: COVID-19 – Sunnyside’s Precautions as of April 12, 2020


Dear Family & Friends of Sunnyside;


Last week I sent out a four page memo that documented the precautions Sunnyside is taking to keep our residents and staff safe.  I hope you have had the opportunity to read it.


We continue to be well at Sunnyside with no sick residents or staff.


After listening to the nightly news all last week, I felt I needed to write to you again as one of the headlines has been long term cares homes in other Canadian provinces and the challenges they are having.


Due to the connected world we live in, every day there is a tremendous amount of information available on the covid-19 pandemic.  I read all the information that I receive from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, search for useful information on the internet from Canada and around the world and listen to the nightly news.  I’m trying to learn everything I can about covid-19 and what we can do at Sunnyside to continuously improve the care and protection we are providing our residents and staff.


For example; this past week I felt there was a shift taking place from Health Canada in their recommendation on whether we should be wearing masks or not.  They initially recommended that we don’t need to wear masks, however, they now seem to be saying it is OK to wear masks.  After consulting with my leadership team and our house doctor, a decision was made that all our nursing staff will wear a mask when providing care for our residents.  This is an additional precaution that we are taking to protect our residents and staff.


Regarding the challenges long term care homes are having in other provinces, I want to assure you that Sunnyside is not facing these challenges.  We are fully staffed in all departments and have enough medical supplies and personal protective equipment.  There is a world-wide shortage of medical supplies, but so far, with careful usage and many hours spent sourcing supplies, we have enough.


We have hired and trained additional nursing staff just in case many of our staff became ill and we have trained our support staff to help with meals and to assist our care staff with resident lifts, etc.


We have extra Housekeeping staff cleaning high touch areas and we have our Ultra Violet light going daily to disinfect areas.


On April 3 we followed the government recommendation to implement tray service for all meals to be served in resident rooms.  We were able to bring in extra care staff to help us implement this change.


We have a plan in place to isolate residents should any of them test positive for covid-19.  Our plan provides for complete separation of any residents that are covid-19 positive.  The staff that care for covid-19 positive residents will also be separate from our other staff.  There will be a separate entrance, separate supplies, separate meals, separate staff, etc.  We hope we never need this plan, but I want you to know that the plan exists if needed.


Staying in touch with your loved ones at Sunnyside is very important.  Many of you have been connecting electronically for face to face conversations.  We purchased a second iPad and added Recreation staff to keep up with requests for this service.  Call our Recreation team at 306-653-1267 ext. 140 to make an appointment to have face to face time with your loved one.  If you get their voice mail, leave a message and they will call you back.  Our Recreation team spends most of their time out with residents.


If don’t use computers and your loved one does not have a phone in their room, we have wireless phones we can take to them, just call our nursing desk at 306-653-1267 ext 124.  You can also send us emails to deliver and read to your resident.  Emails can be sent to


Some family members are coming to our front window to see their loved one.  You can call our Recreation team at 306-653-1267 ext 140 to let them know when you are coming and they will bring your loved one to the front window.  You can talk via telephone.


I am very proud of the staff and leadership team at Sunnyside for working hard to keep life at Sunnyside as normal as possible for our residents.  If there is anything else we can do for your loved one or for you please let us know.  I am available at 306-653-1267 ext 123 or  Please share this info with all your other family members or let them know they can keep updated with things at Sunnyside on our web page ( and our Facebook page.


Also keep updated via Saskatchewan’s website at:  There was some good news last week with several days having more people recovering from covid-19 than new cases being found, so the actual number of sick people went down on these days.


Please keep us and our world in your prayers at this critical time.
It’s going to be a strange Easter, but I hope you make the best of it and can reflect on your Blessings despite the difficulties we face.


Take care and Happy Easter to All,

Randy Kurtz